Cloud Services For Businesses

Services are selected by owners according to the needs and goals of the business.

Lower Costs and Increase Security on the Cloud

Businesses that operate solely on the cloud will cut overhead costs, increase security, gain freedom, and are relieved of the stress caused by downtime. In addition to these benefits and more, Cloud Services for Businesses are scalable and can be provided on a month to month basis. Annual plans are also available at deeper discounts if preferred.

How Costs are Lowered

Operating in the cloud eliminates the need for on-site servers. That means no more expenditures for upgrades, new software, or repairs to aging equipment. That space can be used for storage or expanding the business.

Services are selected by owners according to the needs and goals of the business. Paying low prices for only the Microsoft Cloud Services that suit the business also saves money. Owners no longer pay for a plan that includes components that will never be used. Support is included in the cost of the services chosen and detailed when the icon is clicked.


Services are provided with several security measures in place. Enterprise-grade firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and guarded access are used to keep threats at bay. Surveillance and around the clock monitoring also help to guaranteed 99.9 percent up-time for businesses. Threats are becoming more complicated every day as cyber criminals are also changing approaches. The results are excellent protection and peace of mind for business owners.

How to Begin

Switching to the cloud is quick and easy. Browsing services offered does not require registration. Owners can view each service and detailed information, such as an overview and pricing, by clicking the icon. To register once on the Simply Cloud Marketplace website, click on the registration button. It is that simple. Provision of services selected takes only a few minutes.

Free Trial

The hosted desktop service is offered as a free trial for owners who want to experience the benefits before selecting any services. A free Ebook entitled 7 Essential Facts About Moving to the Cloud is available for downloading. It is recommended reading to learn about any regulations or restrictions that may apply to the business. Any remaining questions can be answered by representives via telephone, email, or live chat.